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The Suicide Squad is a war film says James Gunn, explains why he insisted on an R-rated setting

The Suicide Squad is a war film says James Gunn, explains why he insisted on an R-rated setting

Warner Bros. next in line DC title for release, The Suicide Squad has been doing immensely well in pleasing moviegoers with the drop of the first redband trailer. Many were even surprised to learn that the DC film will be rated R for its theatrical release. But director James Gunn has offered an answer on why he insisted on it.

Earlier this week, a new The Suicide Squad trailer titled ‘rebellion’, revealed more footage from the film, and its essence of comedy, gritty violence and storyline. The movie has already made a new record as the most viewed redband trailer in a week with over 150 million views worldwide, surpassing the count held by Mortal Kombat.

The Suicide Squad redband trailer views surpass Mortal Kombat as most viewed

Gunn took to Twitter to share his excitement for the redband trailer’s new record and while thanking fans, the director even responded to a few fan queries regarding the film. One such question quizzed him on when he decided to give the film an R-rated setting and it seems that was the plan all along.

“The Suicide Squad is, in large part, a war film, & a tale of sad, strange, wary soldiers. I didn’t want to tell that story with one hand tied behind by back. So I made sure Warners was on board with making an R-rated film before I agreed to take on the project,” tweeted Gunn. You can check it out below.

The Suicide Squad theatrical cut is R-rated confirms James Gunn

So far, some of the sequences from both trailers have shown the involvement of military armed forces. And it’s clear that the team Task Force X is the “sad, strange, wary soldiers” that Gunn mentioned. Some even suicidal (Polka-Dot Man).

It would have been a hard film to sell without an R-rated setting, and many DC fans still believe that a controlled PG-13 rating is what led to the critical failure and mixed audience reaction of 2016’s Suicide Squad. It will be interesting to witness what type of war film Gunn has in store for the world.

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