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The Suicide Squad R Rated trailer gets wild reaction from David Ayer, James Gunn responds

The Suicide Squad R Rated trailer gets wild reaction from David Ayer, James Gunn responds

Finally, the first full-length red band trailer for The Suicide Squad has dropped and DC fans have been all over the internet, praising Gunn’s effort in bringing this new version of the misfits. On the other hand, director David Ayer, helmer of the 2016 version of Suicide Squad also decided to pitch in his amazement after watching the R-rated trailer.

The Suicide Squad, lined-up for release later this year seems to pack more than just meaningless violence but with the much-needed humor that many fans were looking for in the first film. Reactions have been widely positive with many hailing Gunn for his efforts in bringing a new band of barely-known DC characters to the spotlight. Especially, King Shark’s (voiced by Sylvester Stallone) spotlight on his gory and dumbfounded characteristic has won over many, possibly even Ayer.

James Gunn is mind blown from watching The Suicide Squad

Ayer responded to a tweet by Gunn on sharing the first full-length trailer for The Suicide Squad with a bunch of emojis. And clearly, the director is “mind-blown” after seeing the R-rated footage. You can check it out below.

Gunn also responded back with love for the appreciation for The Suicide Squad. Although many fans were still caught up on highlighting the #releasedavidayercut tweet – they were also excited to talk about the gore-filled sequences which seem to be the selling point for the upcoming DC film.

David Ayer responds to Ayercut for Suicide Squad, says let James Gunn crush it

The trailer for The Suicide Squad offered many interesting reveals meant for the normal movie-goers as well as for the fandom. For starters, the trailer highlights Idris Elba as Bloodsport, to avoid the confusion that the actor could have replaced Will Smith’s Deadshot from the 2016 SS version. Other characters like Ratcatcher, John Cena’s peacemaker, Margot Robbie’s new look for Harley Quinn & much more can be seen in the video. But the biggest reveal comes in the end, confirming that the new band of misfits will be fighting a new giant creature called Starro (Yes, its shaped like a star fish).

Meanwhile, Ayer has also been responding to tweets related to the Ayercut of 2016’s Suicide Squad. Although he seems to love the idea, the director reiterated to a fan that releasing his cut would hurt the DC brand as a whole and showed his support for Gunn.

The Suicide Squad movie releases on August 03, 2021.




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