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The Walking Dead: Chandler Riggs Reveals Why Rick Spared Negan’s Life

The Walking Dead: Chandler Riggs Reveals Why Rick Spared Negan’s Life

Not only Daryl and Maggie were shocked with Rick’s decision to spare Negan’s life in The Walking Dead Season finale, but fans were left were also astonished to see Rick’s change of heart. It is clear that it was not all Rick’s decision to let Negan live. Carl’s letter to his father before his death encouraged him to envision a better future without war and death. In an attempt to honor his son’s vision, Rick stopped at merely slashing Negan’s throat after the war.

The Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs, who played the role of Carl Grimes for eight seasons before his death in Season 8, made an appearance at Walker Stalker Con. Speaking at the panel, he revealed why Carl didn’t want Rick to kill Negan and Carl’s twisted friendship with Negan.

Riggs reveals that Carl was one of the primary reason why Rick did not choose to kill him.

He’s kind of the main reason that Rick didn’t kill Negan — Carl pushed for this brighter future that he was talking about,” Riggs told a fan during the panel as quoted by Comicbook. “I think that Carl was definitely kind of on the same page even though I think that Negan had different motives behind their relationship; he wanted to kind of corrupt him and bring him to the dark side.”

In Robert Kirkman’s comic books series which inspired the AMC show saw Carl and Negan develop a friendship after Carl’s first failed attempt to kill the villain. The two had a “twisted friendship” as described by the above publication. Undoubtedly, the television show had altered Carl and Negan’s storyline.

With Carl gone, Negan and Carl’s friendship and dynamics have come to an end. However, Rick’s decision has enraged his friends Daryl and Maggie and they have vowed to take action against Rick. How things play out from here will get clear when The Walking Dead returns with Season 9.

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