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The Walking Dead Season 8: Iconic Comic Moment To Come Alive In Episode 12

Still of Negan from The Walking Dead/AMC

The Walking Dead Season 8: Iconic Comic Moment To Come Alive In Episode 12

The Walking Dead Season 8 episode 12 will be focusing on Hilltop. The next chapter of the AMC series is titled “The Key” and the network just released a promo for it.

In the clip, the Saviours plan to move ahead with their plan as they advance to the Hilltop. This time, they are carrying weapons infected with zombie’s guts to terrorize the other communities and force them to surrender. Also, they are looking to take over the Alexandrians’ compound.

For those unaware, The idea of using weapons infected zombie’s gut was first used in The Walking Dead comics in #122. It looks like AMC has finally decided to recreate that moment in Season 8.

By the look of it, we can say Simon is leading the Saviours in their next mission.

Today is about scaring these people,” Simon says. “Hit a few, let ’em turn. But don’t kill ’em!” Simon tells his army in the clip.

In an extended version of the promo, Simon is accompanied by Dwight. The two are having a conversation about how this should be played out. It is clear that Dwight is back to pretending to be one of the Saviours.

Top guy to top guy,” Simon says, “I just want to know if, in your analysis, you believe these people are gonna cower and cave after we deliver what amounts to yet another warning.” Scroll down to view full promo.

Meanwhile, the network has released a synopsis for The Walking Dead Season 8 episode 12. It teases trouble for Hilltop. The Hilltop leaders will have some difficult dilemma’s to deal with when they have unexpected visitors knocking on their doors.

At the same time, Rick will come to face to face with one of his biggest enemies. Could it finally be Negan?

Hilltop’s leadership faces a difficult dilemma after the arrival of unexpected visitors; Rick comes face to face with an adversary,” reads the official synopsis for “The Key.”

The Walking Dead Season 8 episode 12 airs March 18 on AMC. Be sure to keep visiting Pursue News for more information and update.

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