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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8: It’s Too Early For Maggie To Give Birth

Still of Lauren Cohan as Maggie from The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8: It’s Too Early For Maggie To Give Birth

Will The Walking Dead Season 8 feature the birth of Maggie and Glenn’s baby? According to the showrunner, it’s still not a time for Maggie to give birth to the baby. In a recent interview, Scott M Gimple talked about Maggie’s pregnancy and revealed it’s still too early as per the comic book timeline.

Fans will remember that Maggie made the big announcement in The Walking Dead (TWD) Season 6 in 2015. Even though it seems like forever ago, Lauren Cohan’s Maggie will continue to play the newly pregnant in the upcoming Season 8.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Gimple said that fans “shouldn’t” expect to see Maggie give birth to her baby yet. According to executive producer Denise Huth, the events of for Season 7 spread over the period of 19 days. This means it hasn’t been too long since Maggie found out about her pregnancy and Glenn’s death.

“It’s quite early in, as it was in the book,” Gimple said at the recent Blu-ray release. Also, it was revealed that The Walking Dead Season 8 picks up “just a few days after” the events of Season 7 finale.

According to Screenrant, Maggie is still in her first trimester. There is still time before it starts to show on Maggie. In the slowed-down timeline, it’s only been three weeks since Negan killed Glenn.

“Because I’m playing newly pregnant for a really long time. But the truth of the matter is, it’s only been a matter of weeks since Negan killed Glenn,” Lauran Cohan said.

Meanwhile, the above-mentioned publication suggests a possible time jump sometime in Season 8. The trailer gives a glimpse of older Rick. However, in the comic book, the said time jump takes place after the highly anticipated war with Negan.

Cohan reveals that her onscreen pregnancy will not be limiting her potential. She will still be a part of the war against Negan and play a great source of inspiration to the group that is preparing for the battle.

“The symbolism of her being with her troops is really essential. And she needs to inspire confidence not just in the Hilltoppers, but in Rick and Daryl and Ezekiel, and to be somewhat fearless and say, I have this group’s strength on my side and that’s what’s going to keep me safe, and so I’m not afraid to go up to a reasonable point with you all to set this plan in motion and really fine-tune the wild bunch planning,” Cohan explained.

The Walking Dead Season 8 premieres Oct. 22 on AMC. More spoilers and updates are expected soon.

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