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The Walking Dead Showrunner Encourages Fans To Watch ‘Monumental’ Midseason Finale

The Walking Dead Season 8 Poster/AMC Press

The Walking Dead Showrunner Encourages Fans To Watch ‘Monumental’ Midseason Finale

The Walking Dead Season 8 wrapped up its 2017 run tonight. The first half of the eighth season came to an end with episode 8 titled “How It’s Gotta Be” featuring some shocking moments.

A few hours before the midseason finale, AMC series showrunner Scott M. Gimple tweeted about the episode and teased a “monumental” finale. In the post, on his official Twitter account, he appreciated the efforts put in by the cast and crew and encouraged viewers to watch it. He promised it to be “something special.”

“Friends, do check out the big Walking Dead program tonight. It’s a monumental one; lots of folks worked very hard on it to bring you something special,” reads Gimple’s post. Scroll down to view the post.

As reported earlier, the midseason finale sees “every story and battle from the first half of the season comes crashing together in this action-packed, emotional mid-season finale.” It featured the adaptation of issues #119 and #120 from Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comics. Going by the reactions, it looks like episode has left fans in shock and in anticipation of the next episode after the break.

The fall finale ended on a huge cliffhanger. Ezekial’s fate remains uncertain as he locks himself into the Kingdom with the Saviours after helping his people escape. He asks Carol to lead the group and decides to make the big sacrifice.

When the show returns, the All Out War storyline continues. It is expected to feature how things play out for Alexandrians without their most reliable ally, Ezekial. The Kingdom will no more be the same place.

AMC is yet to announce the official return date for The Walking Dead Season 8. Meanwhile, speculations based on previous midseason premiere dates suggests that it will return on the second Sunday of February 2018. AMC is expected to reveal the date at some point in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, keep visiting Pursue News for more information and update.

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