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‘There’s a strike’: DC Studios CEO James Gunn shows solidarity for WGA strike, says he is not writing, addresses if Jennifer Holland’s Harcourt will appear in Superman: Legacy & more DCU film news

‘There’s a strike’: DC Studios CEO James Gunn shows solidarity for WGA strike, says he is not writing, addresses if Jennifer Holland’s Harcourt will appear in Superman: Legacy & more DCU film news

The DC Studios architect James Gunn is not engaging in writing duties on Superman: Legacy or any project in that manner. The GOTG Vol. 3 director appears to be in solidarity with the ongoing WGA strike which has hit pause on several major productions including DCU’s very own, The Penguin series.

James Gunn won’t scab amid the writers’ strike although it won’t stop him from directing Superman: Legacy or working on Creature Commandos. The DCU chief is currently deep into the aforementioned projects. but his past silence over the ongoing picketing by union members had prompted doubts if the filmmaker’s new responsibility with DC Studios, a separate production company yet a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Pictures may be a hurdle to showing support for the WGA.

The Superman: Legacy Helmer recently had a brief AMA with his followers on Threads. When one user inquired if he was busy writing his feature, the director clarified, “No not writing. There’s a strike. Directing, casting, designing, etc.”

Peacemaker’s Jennifer Holland won’t be in Superman: Legacy but good news for Vigilante fans

It should be noted the script for Legacy was turned in days before the WGA strike began. In addition, the Creature Commandos script was already complete when the DCU’s Gods and Monsters slate announcement was made in January.

Superman: Legacy, Featured, James Gunn

In regards to designing and casting – Gunn has been busy with the Superman reboot auditions. Furthermore, while Creature Commandos is yet to land a showrunner/director – the DCU chief is still directing the initial recordings for the animated show.

Speaking of which – the Suicide Squad-Esque (but with monsters) project will have a modern-day setting unlike the source material, which shows the Commandos operating during World War II. In any case, the casting of Steve Agee‘s John Economos did assure the monsters Task Force X would operate in the present day.

While offering updates on DCU films in production – Gunn also clarified and shattered rumors such as reports stating The Authority will appear in the Man of Steel reboot film. Though the fanbase is much more interested in knowing if Superman would wear the iconic trunks over his suit or cast it away similar to the Snyderverse iteration. But Gunn replied, “not really one of my priorities.”

Several Hollywood projects have come under criticism for filming during the Writers’ strike with MCU’s Deadpool 3 receiving the most backlash. Similarly, WB’s Welcome to Derry, an IT movie spin-off also irked many.

Superman: Legacy, James Gunn

Meanwhile, The casting for Legacy is still in process but one familiar DCU star that audiences should not expect in the movie is Jennifer Holland. When asked by a follower on Threads, Gunn outright denied her involvement, “No she won’t.”

Holland’s character Harcourt was presumed by the masses as DC’s Nick Fury, expecting the Argus agent to pop up in most of the DCU projects. Harcourt appeared in Black Adam too, a decision made prior to Gunn’s hiring as DC Studios’ head.

While it’s unclear when Jennifer Holland could next appear in a DC Studios film or series – DCU fans would be happy to know Peacemaker‘s breakout actor Adrian Chase would reprise as Vigilante before Peacemaker season 2.

The follow-up to the critically acclaimed season 1 will not go into production until James has wrapped up Legacy. So it will be interesting to see which project would see his return, perhaps Waller? Let’s hope so. Stay tuned for more updates on DCU & all things from the superhero genre.




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