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Thor: Love and Thunder

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Thor: Love and Thunder trends with praises for Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor, Russell Crowe’s Zeus, King Valkyrie & more

Thor: Love and Thunder trends with praises for Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor, Russell Crowe’s Zeus, King Valkyrie & more

From Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor to Russell Crowe’s Greek God Zeus, Thor: Love and Thunder teaser has delivered a brief look at the Chris Hemsworth starring fourth installment’s cosmic adventure. Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi returned to helm Thor 4.

After a painstaking record-breaking long wait, Thor: Love and Thunder teaser has arrived offering a teasing glimpse at Thor Odinson’s new quest seeking inner peace. But one creature with a deadly plan to annihilate the cosmic pantheons brings more chaos, Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale). The teaser takes off right where Avengers: Endgame concluded Thor’s journey from Earth, leaving the planet with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Surprising new reveals from the teaser were Chris Pratt, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper reprising their respective Guardians of the Galaxy roles. While the God of Thunder is shown parting ways with the Guardians – his path to peace and self-discovery is short-lived when new threat arrives. Fortunately, Stormbreaker won’t be the only Uru-made weapon backing up Thor in his battle but Portman’s Thor will also wield her very own weapon, Mjolnir, deeming her worthy.

The 1-minute teaser offers several new looks of the titular star including Fat Thor, who appears in one sequence but the “strongest Avenger” is on a mission to burn down his beer belly. Meanwhile, Jane Foster wielding the God of Thunder’s hammer has many fans praising her arrival and comparing it to the likes of Captain America’s Mjolnir moment in Avengers: Endgame. What’s more, From first looks, the hammer seems to be the same shattered Mjolnir from Thor: Ragnarok that Hela destroyed. Though it’s completely recovered and with Odin’s enchantment still intact.

The teaser also offers a look at the New Asgard town on Earth led by King Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson). Furthermore, their seaports are shown using flying ships rode by what seems like Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder. Additionally, a brief scene shows a new character wielding a thunder, most likely Crowe’s Zeus. Readers can check out reactions below.

Bale’s Gorr the Butcher does not appear in the teaser but the official plot for the promo confirms Thor enlists Valkyrie, his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster a.k.a Mighty Thor, “Together, they embark upon a harrowing cosmic adventure to uncover the mystery of the God Butcher’s vengeance and stop him before it’s too late.”

Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in theaters on July 8, 2022.




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