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Thor: Ragnarok

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Thor: Ragnarok: Clip Features Deleted Alleyway Scene With Stunt Doubles

Still of Mjolnir from Thor: Ragnarok teaser trailer

Thor: Ragnarok: Clip Features Deleted Alleyway Scene With Stunt Doubles

The extra deleted or re-shot scenes of a film usually make its way to the DVD and the fans absolutely relish it. One such scene from Thor: Ragnarok is the famous scene where Hela, the Goddess of Death destroys Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. The original scene took place in a New York City alleyway, but in the sequence that made it to the final cut, the location was changed to an open- field.

As we all know by now, all the footage shot for a movie does not make it to the theatrical cut. Some scenes are cut either due to a shortage of time or if it does not fit the completed narrative in some way. Sometimes, the scenes are re-shot completely. That’s what has happened with the popular scene when Thor’s hammer is destroyed by Hela, played by Cate Blanchett. Check out the piece of that deleted alleyway scene from Thor: Ragnarok below.

When Director Taika Watiti was questioned about the location change by CinemaBlend a little before its release, he had said:

“Well, here’s the thing. Alleyways aren’t cool. Fields are cool. Alright? Ask anyone. We originally shot some of that stuff [sic] in New York. What we wanted to do was, you know, have them go down to Earth and they see Doctor Strange and stuff. But it just felt too convenient that he was suddenly just down a road in an alley. And also everything up until then had been so fast-paced and all over the place. We wanted to go someplace peaceful.”

The scene where Hela smashes Mjolnir to pieces is one of the most beautiful and memorable shots. Such changes during post-production stage are not uncommon. Taika’s decision to change the location makes sense not only because fields look cooler as compared to alleys, it was also necessary to have a more peaceful background for the scene so that the audience’s attention will be completely on the scene rather than a busy alley with taxi cabs and people screaming.

Thor Ragnarok, which released on November 3, continues to rock the box office. Made at a budget of 180 million USD, The threequel has already fetched approximately $745.1 million USD as of today, according to figures on box office mojo.

Take a look at the deleted alleyway scene featuring Thor and Loki right here:

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