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‘Thor: Ragnarok’: Disneyland Resort Offers Sneak Peek This October, Details

Stills from Thor Ragnarok trailer

‘Thor: Ragnarok’: Disneyland Resort Offers Sneak Peek This October, Details

There is good news for all you fans of Thor: Ragnarok if you are residing in California! Fans will get a sneak peek into the film between October 6 and November 10 at Disneyland Resort in the Sunset Showcase Theater.

Thor: Ragnarok, one of Marvel’s most ambitious projects is set to hit the theaters next month, and the production team is leaving no stones unturned in promoting this super magnificent film, directed by Taika Waititi. Starting this weekend, visitors will get to see props and costumes used while filming Thor: Ragnarok in the lobby. The sneak peek, presented in 3D with special in-theater effects, will be showcased at Anaheim, Disney California Adventure park in the Sunset Showcase Theater.

This is not the first time that the American Disney resorts will be featuring a Marvel film. The adventure park has in the past provided exclusive sneak peeks of innumerable Disney, Pixar movies, Marvel, and Lucasfilm at their theme parks.

Thor: Ragnarok is the third film in Marvel’s ‘Thor’ series, and the 17th movie under the bigger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Promotions are still big and ongoing for the threequel and Marvel Studios is leaving no stones unturned in making its promo interesting, humorous and hyping the fan base for its much-awaited release in November. The studio also cleverly promoted the film during Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor’s fight.

A part of the audience will be watching the film 10 days prior to its worldwide release. Thor: Ragnarok will hit the big screens much earlier in the UK, so fans are adviced to brace against potential spoilers.

Thor: Ragnarok, which will hit the theaters on November 3, stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/the Hulk, Cate Blanchett as Hela, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Idris Elba as Heimdall, Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster, Karl Urban as Skurge, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, and Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie.

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