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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Gets A 10 Day Early Release In The UK, Details

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Gets A 10 Day Early Release In The UK, Details

It looks like fans in the UK will get to watch Thor: Ragnarok more earlier than expected. It has been confirmed that the MCU film’s release has moved up from its first set date.

According to Yahoo! Movies, Disney made the announcement that Thor: Ragnarok would hit theatres on October 24th instead of October 27th. The decision might be due to the school half-term holiday which could help boost its first week earning.

While this sounds like recent news, Marvel Studios had slyly made the announcement last Thursday. The studio’s official UK twitter account shared a new poster along with details in the tweet confirming that the film will release on October 24th. Fans can check it out below.

This would mean that fans in the UK get to watch Thor: Ragnarok 10 days earlier than the US. Disney is known for moving up MCU films release date in the past. Earlier in 2015, Avengers: Age of Ultron was released a week earlier in India before screening them in America.

Marvel’s titles such as Avengers have been successful at raking huge bucks at the international box office. It looks like the studio is following the same formula for the much-anticipated threequel.

Thor: Ragnarok later hits theatres in the US on November 3rd. While the film’s earning won’t initially be affected, the release of DCEU’s Justice League on November 17th could cause the MCU film to stumble.  For now, we would have to wait till reports of early trackings.

The film’s promotion has steadily increased in the past few weeks. The studio also used the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor’s fight as an opportunity to use glimpses of new scenes from the film as GIFs to increase the movie’s exposure.

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