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Thor: Ragnarok

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Thor: Ragnarok- The Hulk’s Presence On Sakaar As A Gladiator Explained

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Thor: Ragnarok- The Hulk’s Presence On Sakaar As A Gladiator Explained

Thor: Ragnarok is this year’s final Marvel movie. It is the third solo movie for Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and will see the God of Thunder going on an altogether different journey.

He will be aided by an old Avengers ally Hulk who himself is resurfacing in the MCU after almost three years. Thor meeting Hulk on a different planet is indeed good but the question is how did the raging green monster reach there? (minor spoilers for Avengers: Age of Ultron and Thor: Ragnarok)

Hulk was last seen in the MCU in Avengers: Age of Ultron. He helped the other heroes defeat the megalomaniac robot Ultron and boarded one of the Quinjets. When Black Widow tried to calm him down and make him turn the Quinjet back to her, he cut the connection and quietly sat in the craft looking toward the sky.

Maybe the previous events where he managed to scare thousands of people affect him as well. Maybe he himself realized the kind of danger he is to people. Since Bruce Banner planned to escape with Natasha, maybe that is what the Hulk had in mind as well but he planned to do it alone.

So chances are when he was alone in the Quinjet, it somehow entered a wormhole and threw Hulk on this distant planet where every captive is forced to fight like a gladiator.

Since Hulk is not exactly known as a calm person, he must have resisted and after some mind control agreed to fight for the planet and for the Grandmaster’s entertainment. Slowly becoming popular for his brute strength, Hulk emerged as Grandmaster’s champion and became a star on Sakaar.

The interesting thing now is that by the time events of Thor: Ragnarok occur, Hulk would have perhaps become comfortable with his status as Grandmaster’s champion on Sakaar and even enjoys being there.

But things might change when he meets Thor after all this time. It has been hinted that the two will go on an intergalactic journey together and even fight Hela to prevent Ragnarok from happening.

Maybe after fighting Thor on Sakaar, Hulk will recognize him as one of his old allies and would agree to accompany him on this journey. What remains a mystery is what will Hulk do when he is done helping Thor?

With the events of Avengers: Infinity War soon to follow, maybe Hulk will not return to Sakaar and instead come back to Earth and help his fellow Avengers once again. Either this or he might return to Sakaar once everything is over and come back to Earth when Thanos invades.

Screen Rant reported that since Hulk is Grandmaster’s champion on Sakaar, Grandmaster himself might not appreciate losing his champion to Thor.

Thor: Ragnarok, which will see Thor being held captive on the other end of the Universe without his Mjolnir will lead directly to Avengers: Infinity War. How he manages to defeat Hela and save Asgard remains to be seen. The movie will release on Nov. 3 this year.




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