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‘Thor: Ragnarok’- Mark Ruffalo Explains His Instagram Live Stream Fail Moment At LA World Premiere

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‘Thor: Ragnarok’- Mark Ruffalo Explains His Instagram Live Stream Fail Moment At LA World Premiere

Earlier last week during the world premiere of Thor: Ragnarok in LA, Mark Ruffalo got himself in trouble after live streaming some bits of the movie during its screening. The incident went viral on social media as fans who witnessed it on Instagram began screen capping the streaming to share it on other social platforms.

Since then, quite a few celebrities have mocked The Hulk actor for the live stream accident. Spider-Man actor Tom Holland also tweeted to Ruffalo calling him the “worst avengers secret keeper”.

Finally, Ruffalo has addressed the hilarious incident during an interview with Studio 10. From what the actor has had to say, it wasn’t a pleasant moment of realization:

“I don’t know what happened to me that night, I thought I had shut it off,” Explained Ruffalo. “They asked me to do Instagram live the backstage stuff that night, Marvel asked me to do that. I never did Instagram live, I don’t know how this sh*t work.” Fans can listen to Ruffalo explain it with much humor in the video below.

Ruffalo was later approached by a woman who informed him about the incident. But it’s safe to say that the actor hasn’t got himself into trouble. Furthermore, the incident seems to have brought in more exposure to the film on social media as well.

Thor: Ragnarok hits the big screen on November 3rd. But the film gets an earlier release date in the UK.

Early reactions since the social media embargo lift have been positive so far. The film has received much appreciation for its humor and visuals.

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