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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ – Taika Watiti’s Hilarious Gag Reel Hits the Internet

BTS of Director Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth from Thor Ragnarok

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ – Taika Watiti’s Hilarious Gag Reel Hits the Internet

Marvel Studios announced the home entertainment release dates for Thor: Ragnarok earlier today. Meanwhile, fans can watch the antics of director Taika Watiti in the film’s gag reel that has made its way to the internet.

The God of Thunder’s threequel is on its way to Blu-ray and DVD earlier than fans thought. However, if you do not want to wait until then, watch the film’s humorous gag reel right below.

The video is complete with Watiti’s offbeat humor, with the director sing-scatting the theme of Marvel Studios. The gag reel is then introduced by Waititi, along with few bloopers played with synth music.

What Watiti did with Thor: Ragnarok is to reinvent the Thor franchise. Even though the first two films were appreciated, it was Thor 3 that changed the game for Marvel. When Chris Hemsworth’s natural comic sense and timing was combined with Taika Waititi’s indisputable sense of humor, the end result was fabulous and totally enjoyable. Thor: Ragnarok is undoubtedly one of the biggest hits of the year and Marvel’s finest film till date.

The all-new gag reel shared by JoBlo seems to be a Waititi special. Hitting it off with the Marvel Studios intro cover, Waititi takes us through the life on Thor: Ragnarok set, which is uniquely funny and hilarious, thanks to the director’s behind-the-screen antics.

From his explanation of the props on the sets to him showing Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster how to dance, Watiti will leave you smiling, if not in splits.

It is obvious from the reactions of the cast members that they would love to do another film with Watiti helming the project. Chris Hemsworth who played the title role in the film clearly expressed his desire to return. Needless to say, Watiti too wants to make it work. Marvel President Kevin Feige also understands the value of the talented director, and so it’s only a matter of time when Marvel decides to announce a sequel to Thor: Ragnarok.

Since the gag reel that you can watch below features only a two-minute footage, the digital and Blu-ray versions of Thor: Ragnarok will surely have more of it to show fans.

Take a look at the gag reel below:

Source: JoBlo




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