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‘Thor: Ragnarok’- Thor Hilariously Learns He Is Not The Strongest Avenger In TV Spot

Still from Thor Ragnarok trailer

‘Thor: Ragnarok’- Thor Hilariously Learns He Is Not The Strongest Avenger In TV Spot

A new Thor: Ragnarok TV spot hit the internet earlier and it gives another glimpse at the film’s much-expected humor. It looks like the God of Thunder is in for another disappointment after his ‘Fight of the Century’ with the Gladiator Hulk.

The TV spot reveals Thor attempting to start the jet The Hulk used to arrive on planet Sakaar. By the looks of it, The God of Thunder is trying to find a way to get out of planet Sakaar. But it looks like the jet isn’t programmed to activate on his command.

Thor goes on to use different phrases such as “God of Thunder”, “Prince of Asgard” to activate the jet on his voice command only to be repeatedly denied access. As a last attempt, Thor says, “Strongest Avenger” to be yet again disappointed.

Que The Hulk, The green goliath comes in his human form to utter the word, “Banner” and receives a warm greet, “Welcome Strongest Avenger.” Thor’s hilarious reaction would definitely be a treat for fans to watch in theatres.

This won’t be the first time Thor is disgraced with the fact of learning he’s not as strong as The Hulk. In the grandmaster’s arena, teasers, promos and trailers have already that the green goliath gives an embarrassing beat down for the God of Thunder.

Another promo and LEGO toy sets have also hinted that Loki would also get beating to remember in Thor: Ragnarok. It looks like fans will have to wait for it tills its release.

Thor: Ragnarok hits the big screen on November 3rd this year. The Film’s promotion has been at its peak as threequel gets an early release in the UK.

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