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Thor: Ragnarok

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Thor: Ragnarok Will Explain The End Of Thor And Jane’s Relationship

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Thor: Ragnarok Will Explain The End Of Thor And Jane’s Relationship

Thor: Ragnarok will be a whole new adventure for Chris Hemsworth’s Thor who will be going through a lot of changes. From getting his Mjolnir destroyed to getting a new look, the God of Thunder will really be put to some harsh tests.

There is also one more thing that the movie will be addressing and that is the Odinson’s relationship with a scientist he met when he was on Earth.

Screen Rant reported that the latest Thor movie would reveal what happened to the God of Thunder’s relationship to Natalie Portman’s Jane. The two met during the first movie and their romance continued in the second one as well when he took her to Asgard.

Following the second movie, Thor had moved to Earth and Jane was also mentioned in Avengers: Age of Ultron where Thor bragged about how smart his lady love is. However ever since he left Earth after the end of the second Avengers movie, there has been no mention of Jane.

Some reports speculated that they broke up because of Thor not returning to Earth but now Hemsworth himself shed some details about his character’s relationship with her. He said,

“It certainly wasn’t the case with Jane. There was a whole different affection and love there. So that was another, you know, ‘How can we make that different from the previous one?”

On being asked if Thor is over his Earth lady love, he further added that,

“Umm, no we have this, we have some… some very respectable fun with how that relationship may have come to an end [laughs].”

The comment on his previous relationship emerged when the Thor: Ragnarok star was being asked about his new potential love interest. Some reports have been speculating that Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie will be Thor’s new love in the movie.

Turns out that might not be the case as Hemsworth said this about the character,

“It’s like Thor’s meeting his hero! And he’s absolutely smitten by her and because of her history, and being a Valkyrie and all of that. But she’s also this beautiful woman so he’s kind of caught off guard. And she can, you know, she could beat the s*** out of him if she wanted. So I think he hasn’t come up against that very often.”

Amidst all this, there are still some Thor fans that want the God of Thunder to end up with another Asgardian warrior. The Asgardian who has always been by his side and who the God of Thunder has always considered a dear friend.

Jaimie Alexander’s Lady Sif being that Asgardian warrior. There have been some fan theories that she has always been in love with him and for some if this romance were to materialize, there would be nothing better than that.

Thor would get a fellow warrior with whom he could share so many similarities and interests. With Alexander too confirmed to star in the movie, maybe a potential romance between the two could also be hinted slightly.

Thor: Ragnarok will see the God of Thunder being enslaved on the other side of the universe and forced to fight like a Gladiator. He along with his former Avengers ally Hulk must travel back to Asgard and save it from Hela who seeks total destruction.

The movie will release this year on Nov. 3.




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