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Thunderbolts movie rumored to explore Mutant plot through Adamantium, Sentry possibly the main villain, details

Thunderbolts movie rumored to explore Mutant plot through Adamantium, Sentry possibly the main villain, details

The long unanswered question regarding the Mutants in MCU could be acknowledged in Thunderbolts. Moreover, The 7-member group comprising of assassins like Yelena Belova/Black Widow (Florence Pugh) and the Captain America-Esque U.S. Agent (Wyatt Russell) possibly led by a Nick Fury-type leader, CIA’s Val – will be faced with a menacing threat: tasked to stop Sentry and if the latest rumors are true, their primary mission at hand connects to the Tiamut celestial from Eternals.  

The wait to see another ensemble flick on the likes of Endgame is years ahead though there’s no doubt MCU’s chief Kevin Feige has marvelous ideas in store for Avengers 5 a.k.a The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. But in the meantime, Marvel fans can look forward to a Suicide Squad-style team-up of misfits set in 2024’s Thunderbolts, which is progressing steadily with a working title and production start date set for next summer. It’s attracted a lot of eyeballs lately since it was reported Harrison Ford would appear as Ross/Red Hulk. 

Marvel Studios delivered the first look for Thunderbolts at D23 with the official concept art of the team. However, no details were addressed regarding their association. But going by Insider DanielRPK’s recent scoop,  The Thunderbolts’ mission is to obtain Adamantium which lies inside the Celestial Tiamut’s body. 

Thunderbolts will introduce Mutants island known as Genosha, says insider

The emergence of Tiamut was stopped by Sersi (Gemma Chan) in Eternals after combining all of their powers through Phasto’s (Brian Tyree Henry) Uni-mind device. Tiamut was considered dead after being turned into stone though there could be more to his state of appearance if RPK’s claims stand true. Tiamut in the frozen state will reportedly be called ‘Genosha’, an island and in the Marvel comics, it was seen as a home for Mutants.

This could potentially set up the foundation for X-Men but before getting ahead, the insider report also indicates Sentry as one of the Thunderbolts but his inner demons end up breaking his mind ultimately making him the main antagonist for the misfits to stop “at all costs.” Readers can check it out below.

Sentry is usually called Marvel’s Superman due to his wide array of enhanced abilities like super strength, speed, senses invisibility, telepathy, etc. The character has gone toe-to-toe with World War Hulk while even the Earth’s mightiest heroes fell against the Green Goliath. 

Unfortunately, Sentry’s downside comes from within him, known as the void. The force manipulates Sentry’s mind and empowers his negative aspects which explain why RPK’s report says Sentry would begin hearing voices and lose his mind. Nevertheless, readers should take this news with a grain of salt. 

The general reaction from MCU fans to this breadcrumb report has been positive though many are hoping the movie delves more into exploring the Thunderbolts arc from the source material. Marvel is known for reimagining elements from the source material for live-action so it will be interesting to see Genosha and its connection to Mutants. 

Thunderbolts is scheduled to release on July 26, 2024.




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