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UPDATE: Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Reboot Movie Reportedly Casts Jeremy Renner

Spawn Cover from Image Comics

UPDATE: Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Reboot Movie Reportedly Casts Jeremy Renner

The hype for the Spawn reboot movie won’t die down anytime soon as Todd McFarlane continues to build more hype among his fans. but this report brings a different story that might excite a lot of the ‘Marvel fans’ looking forward to this R-rated supernatural thriller comic book movie.

UPDATE: Deadline has confirmed that the Hawkeye actor has indeed been cast for the role of Detective ‘Twitch’ Williams.

A recent listing on Production Weekly has revealed that actor Jeremy Renner has been reportedly cast in the Spawn reboot movie. There are no other details regarding the character he will play.

Another piece of information we spotted revealed that SFX and makeup wizard Greg Nicotero is also on board the movie. The artist is well known for his works in the horror genre and has received multiple primetime nominations for his works in AMC’s The Walking Dead and has also won a Primetime Emmy in 2010 for Oustanding Prosthetic Makeup in the same TV series.

Jamie Foxx is currently the only confirmed actor on board the movie and he will be playing as Spawn. The Blumhouse reboot has given $10 million budget. Director Todd McFarlane also stated that he wants little to no studio interference in the making of this R-rated movie and only requires the studio for distribution and marketing.

Thanks to McFarlane having full financial control over Spawn reboot, the director also assured that he will be able to share updates from the set during production through his official Facebook page.

In more news about the R-rated movie, During a chat with CBR, McFarlane spoke about the possibility of a Spawn crossover with Venom. A possibility that could come to life if Sony plays it well with the director.

In the interview, the director also revealed that he’s still interested in including a cameo of Stan Lee. but it looks like only time will tell if the legendary comic book writer will be able to make that happen.

Source: Production Weekly




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