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Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Reboot Movie Working Title & Production Details Revealed

Spawn Cover from Image Comics

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Reboot Movie Working Title & Production Details Revealed

It looks like Todd McFarlane’s upcoming Spawn Movie is all set to go into production as things behind-the-scenes seem to be falling in place as expected. Earlier this month, it was also confirmed that Jeremy Renner is on board (first reported by Pursue News) the reboot project and is set to play as Twitch.

Now, according to Production Weekly’s recent listing, Spawn Movie will go into production in January 2019 with filming taking place in Toronto. The project’s working title will be ‘TONY DYNAMITE’.

It is possible that the working title is a reference to a character that goes by the alias Tony Twist from the Spawn Universe. He is introduced as a New York mafia boss and is also referred to as Don Dracula.

Spawn Movie has a budget of $10 million coming from Blumhouse Productions. But the project will most likely receive no intervention from the studio which is what the director intends as well.

As reported earlier, SFX wizard and 4 primetime Emmy winner Greg Nicotero is on board the Spawn movie for special makeup effects.

Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner are the only two actors confirmed to be cast in the movie. More casting news is expected to come our way.

Spawn movie director Todd McFarlane hasn’t much yet about the upcoming project but has clarified that the film will be more of a supernatural thriller than a horror movie.

I hesitate on the word horror,” McFarlane said. “I’m very specific about not using that word too much. Because it has a broad definition to a lot of people. “Horror, to my wife or to a lot of people, it means, oh, you’re gonna slaughter some co-eds in some bloodbath or something. I consider dialing it back to say it’s a supernatural thriller. So then it’s not gonna be a gore fest.”

Spawn movie still does not have a set release date.

Source: Production Weekly




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