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Tom Holland Gets The Script For Spider-Man 2, Reveals New Title

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Tom Holland Gets The Script For Spider-Man 2, Reveals New Title

For a while now there’s been no announcements regarding Marvel Studios-Sony’s Spider-Man 2, which will be one of the first titles of MCU’s Phase 4. There were rumors that suggested the sequel would be titled ‘Spider-Man: Field Trip’ but thank heavens it turned out to be just rumors.

Finally, actor Tom Holland himself has revealed the title for Spider-Man 2 and he doesn’t seem to announce it in a deliberate manner but rather proves he’s still the worst actor in keeping secrets in a hilarious way. Though we all know Spidey’s just trying to entertain his fans.

Holland, whose currently at Seattle for Ace Comic-Con revealed that he just got his script for the second installment. The script, which he has received as a digital format on his iPad opens with the new title as ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ made as a logo. You can check it out in the video below.

Since Marvel won’t be making an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this year, it looks like fans won’t be getting any update on Spider-Man 2 or an official reveal of the new title at the expo. But its likely that the studio will announce it via press release or director Jon Watts or any other cast members might announce it in the following months.

Currently, the sequel project under the working title ‘BOSCO’ is expected to begin principal photography in Early July. New York, London, Prague and Venice are locations listed for its production. filming is expected to go till December.

In an earlier interview with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige by io9, the MCU boss confirmed that Spidey will “spend some time in other parts of the globe.”

Spider-Man Far From Home will hit theaters on July 5, 2019. It still remains a mystery of how the sequel will take place post-Avengers 4 events and explain the return of Spider-Man.

Sorry for no announcements, but I love you guys ♥️

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