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Tom Holland Reacts To Marvel’s Indian Version Of Spider-Man In Hilarious Interview

Tom Holland Reacts To Marvel’s Indian Version Of Spider-Man In Hilarious Interview

Recently, Tom Holland was in Singapore as part of Sony’s media event for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Fortunately, Comic-Con India (CCI) was also in attendance and had the opportunity to interact with the 21-year-old actor.

A well-known stand-up comedian named Sahil Shah from a group called East India Comedy represented CCI and interviewed Tom Holland. Fortunately, it looks like the actor enjoyed the hilarious interview all thanks to a humorous video commonly known as ‘ ‘issspiderman-issspiderman!’

Initially, Tom Holland responded to a few Qs regarding Avengers and others which the actor would have probably answered during earlier press junkets. But the video gets interesting when the interviewer takes out Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man: India.’

Going by Holland’s reaction in the video, it looks like the actor never got the chance to read ‘Spider-Man: India’ during his research for the role. Holland is also quite surprised to know that Marvel itself published the issue.

For those unaware, ‘Spider-Man: India’ was published by Marvel on November 17th, 2004. The comic features a young Indian origin Spidery named Pavitr Prabhakar who struggles with lessons about power and responsibility.

Holland also responded by saying that an Indian actor should be playing the desi version of the web-crawler. Fans can check out his priceless reaction in the video below.

Before ending the interview, Holland also got to experience a bit of a cringe moment when comedian Sahil Shah played a hilarious video of what’s supposed to be Spider-Man. Although the funny video isn’t a must-watch, Holland expressions are quite amusing in the video.

CCI’s Sahil Shah also had the chance to interview Jacob Batalon who plays as Ned in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The video has been embedded below.

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