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Top Gun 2: Tom Cruise Assures Sequel, Filming Date Revealed

Top Gun 2: Tom Cruise Assures Sequel, Filming Date Revealed

Top Gun 2 is no more a mere rumor. It has been revealed that the classic original movie’s sequel is green lit and discussions over its filming are possibly underway.

Recently, Tom Cruise was on Sunrise, a popular show in Australia promoting his upcoming film The Mummy. Before ending the show, the actor was asked about the rumors over Top Gun 2.

Surprisingly, Cruise was open to confirm that it was indeed true. The actor went on to says “it’s true” several times before revealing the possible dates he would start filming for the sequel.

“I’m gonna start filming it probably in the next year,” said Cruise. Furthermore, the actor went on to confirm that the project is definitely happening.

Cruise was also part of The Mummy premiere in Australia. The actor also shared a photo on twitter posing with fans and thanking his audience for coming to the premiere.

Top Gun is a 1986s classic action cum drama film. The movie won several awards including an Oscar for best music, Original Song awarded to Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock. They also won a Gloden Globe the same year.

The sequel rumor began when producer Jerry Bruckheimer shared a photo posing with Cruise on twitter. He stated that the two had a discussion over Top Gun 2. Since then, fans have been anticipating an announcement from the actor.

Currently, Cruise is filming for M:I 6- Mission Impossible. Earlier set photos revealed that the actor was filming along with Henry Cavill.  Cruise might begin working on Top Gun 2 after wrapping up his current project.

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