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Transformers: The Last Knight

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Transformers: The Last Knight- Director Michael Bay Talks Filming In IMAX 3D

Transformers: The Last Knight- Director Michael Bay Talks Filming In IMAX 3D

Transformers: The Last Knight could probably be the best title by far going by its sheer hype. Moreover, Director Michael Bay also seems to have put in all his effort to make it grand experience for fans watching it in IMAX.

In a new featurette, Paramount Pictures gives the audience an IMAX behind the frame look filmed during the making of Transformers: The Last Knight. Director Bay appears in the video and talks about how he’s always attempting to push the boundaries in cinemas.

The video also gives us glimpses of Bay giving instructions to the crew members and supporting actors while directing in IMAX 3D. Actor Mark Wahlberg (Cade Yeager) and Josh Duhamel (Colonel William Lennox) also appreciate Bay for making the film bigger and better after each and every title.

“We are the very first blockbuster to shoot 98% IMAX footage,” says Bay proudly in the behind-the-scenes video. Fans can check it out below.

In more Transformers news, Bay has also confirmed that this would be his last title in the franchise during an interview with Fandango. The director believes that the Last Knight would be his perfect exit to move on with other projects.

“These movies that I’ve done, they are massive movies. They take a lot out of you,” replied Bay on his exit from the series “I’ve done it enough, and I’ve had a great time doing it. I’m going out with a bang on this one, and I feel like you gotta go out while you’re ahead, you know. I think I’ve had a good run, and I’ve got a lot of other movies I want to do.”

Transformers: The Last Knight tickets are live and can be bought anywhere across the U.S. the film releases later this month on June 21st.

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