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Tyrese Gibson Had Meetings To Discuss Playing As Green Lantern

Tyrese Gibson Had Meetings To Discuss Playing As Green Lantern

Finally, Tyrese Gibson has given an update on his possible casting as Green Lantern in a standalone DCEU movie. The actor spoke openly about it during his recent interview with Syfy Wire.

Gibson once again acknowledged that he has had “couple” of meetings with Warner Bros. For those unaware, back in 2014, the actor confirmed that he had met the studio to discuss playing the character.

It all began when Gibson was fan cast as Green Lantern. An illustration created by a fan depicted the actor as the space corp. Superhero.

Surprisingly, Gibson also seemed to like the idea and began campaigning for the role by sharing fan made illustrations on his social profiles. Soon, the news spread like fire which led the Fast and Furious actor to gain the support of the masses as well.

During his recent interview with Syfy Wire, Gibson has also clarified that there’s a possibility for Warner Bros. to go ahead and chose another actor for the role as well. Here’s what he had to say.

“I would love to do it. You know, I had a couple meetings at Warner about it,” said Gibson. “I just think that they’re still trying to figure out what the move is. I would love to officially confirm, but I can’t. And if they go in a different direction, I think they know what’s best for the movie, but the fans started this campaign, and all I’ve done is made use of my social media to let folks know I’m interested.”

An earlier report also stated that Warner Bros. would be looking to cast an actor between the age of 21 and 30. As we all know, Gibson at 38 has a lesser possibility of being cast to play as John Stewart.

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