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Untitled Batgirl Movie: Joss Whedon To Direct, Adapting DC Comics New 52

Untitled Batgirl Movie: Joss Whedon To Direct, Adapting DC Comics New 52

It looks like DCEU is on a mission to establish every Gotham superhero with a standalone title. A recent announcement has confirmed that Batgirl will have her own film and it is all set to be directed by Joss Whedon.

According to Variety, the filmmaker will not only direct, but also write and produce the untitled Batgirl standalone movie. As of now, Warner Bros. has not chosen executive producers. But Whedon has been in discussion about the untitled movie with Jon Berg and Geoff Johns since the last month.

EW recently published a report on the new project and according to their source the untitled Batgirl movie will be based on DC Comics “New 52”. If true, then Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Gordon might not be confined to a wheelchair as Oracle but rather recover from her horrible body paralyzing encounter with The Joker and go on to become Batgirl again. This concept was adapted in the New 52 but it is currently unsure how much of the comic story would be adapted for the movie.

Whedon has an history with Warner Bros. as he was earlier working with the studio and was paid to write a Wonder Woman movie. Unfortunately, the project was dumped. But on the bright side, Whedon was still paid 2-3$million for his work.

Later, the filmmaker went on to write and direct The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron for Marvel studios. Since then, he has also worked with ABC in producing Agents of SHIELD TV series.

In other news, Zack Snyder and Jon Berg have put an end to the rumor that revealed Justice League screentime to be 170 min. Fans can check out their tweet below.

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