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Us Movie: Director Jordan Peele On Horror Genre & Drawing Inspiration From His Own Fears

Still from Jordan Peele's Us movie

Us Movie: Director Jordan Peele On Horror Genre & Drawing Inspiration From His Own Fears

Jordan Peele’s upcoming horror thriller Us has already gotten its thumbs up from critics and people that attended the SXSW festival where the movie was recently screened. Peele has also been hailed as the next Spielberg by many critics as the movie continues to get raving reviews before its worldwide release.

As part of Us movie’s promotion, the studio recently shared a sound bite interview of Jordan Peele. The director talks about how he conceived the idea for the film and also shares his love and interest in the horror genre and more.

Peele begins by stating that the idea for the movie came from his own fears

The idea for this movie came from a deep seated fear in doppelgangers. I love the doppelgangers mythology in different movies that have dealt with them. I just desperately wanted to make my offering to that pantheon of evil double films.”

In the two-part interview, Peele gives his take on the doppelgangers, the plot and goes on the share some details on the characters played by Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss and more.

Later on, in part 2, the director explains how he takes on Horror projects. He states that he doesn’t plan on stepping away from this genre anytime soon.

Horror has always been the way that I personally deal with my own fears. I love the genre for that reason and I love the horror aesthetic for that reason. I think great Horror is often grounded which is the way I love to do comedy as well is to allow something crazy to be going on but as best as possible you try to merry it with reality.

I don’t see myself moving far from Horror anytime soon,” said Peele.

Before the interview concludes, Peele also reveals that his inspirations for his movie are brought out from his own fear.

I tend to draw inspiration from my own fear. At some point I ask myself ‘What’s the scariest thing for me personally’ and in this case, it was the idea of seeing myself. Then I think about what that’s about. Why seeing yourself is scary. I think no one really wants to look at their faults, guilt, demons. We all want to look elsewhere.

How this country looks at the world, we have a fear of the outsider,  a fear of everything from terrorism to immigration. The very thing this country is founded on. And the thing that we do not face often enough is our part in what’s wrong with the world.”

Us hits theaters on March 22.

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