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‘Venom’: Set Clip Reveals Tom Hardy As Eddie Brock Fighting To Control His Body

Tom Hardy as Venom- BossLogic fan art work

‘Venom’: Set Clip Reveals Tom Hardy As Eddie Brock Fighting To Control His Body

Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock is seen battling with his own body as he tries to control himself in an all-new set video from Venom.

In a new video shared by Backgrid, 40-year-old Tom Hardy, who plays the tragic lead character in Sony’s upcoming Marvel-inspired film Venom is seen trying hard to stop himself from being aggressive or violent. In the footage, the symbiote is fighting for control after a visit to the doctor.

Gauging from the video and photos, it seems like Brook will be struggling to remain in control. The audience will hence get to see the immense mental and inner turmoil that the character is going through. The video also reveals the possibility of showing Eddie as someone with multiple personalities.

Tom Hardy will portray two sides of his character in the movie. The short footage is enough to give us a glimpse into Hardy’s prowess as one of the finest actors. Hardy has in Legend already shown his ability to play dual roles, and so fans can be assured of some beautiful moments in the film, provided the conflicts are handled well.

The shooting for the said scene took place in Atlanta, Ga, on Tuesday, December 19.

For that unfamiliar, Venom is a Symbiote which needs to connect to a human in order to survive. It becomes Spider-Man’s archenemy when it bonds with Eddie.

Just Jared has also shared 20+ photos from the set of Venom. Head on over to their site to check out the images.

Details on Venom have been coming out a lot in the past few days due to constant coverage from the set. At the Sao Paulo Comic Con, a few banners were revealed hinting at the official movie logo of Venom. In fact, it also teased the costume that Tom Hardy will be wearing in the movie.

The star-cast of the film, directed by Ruben Fleischer includes Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze, and Reid Scott apart from Hardy.

Venom is scheduled to hit the theaters on October 5th, 2018.

Check out the video and pictures below:

Source: Backgrid/Just Jared




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