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Vikings Season 5 Episode 11 Preview: The War Is Not Over Yet According To The Seer

Screenshot from Vikings 5x11 Trailer- YouTube/ History TV

Vikings Season 5 Episode 11 Preview: The War Is Not Over Yet According To The Seer

Following the explosive Vikings Season 5 midseason finale, fans are wondering what happens when the show returns from hiatus. Meanwhile, the network has released a promo video teasing the aftermath of the big battle for Kattegat. Perhaps, the war is not over yet.

The clip gives a glimpse of what is coming next. It is certain that the war will continue. It shows the characters on the battlefield, bloodied and dirty. The dark times are still here. Also, the trailer hints that Lagertha’s death might be near after Ivar’s victory. Scroll down to watch the full trailer.

The midseason finale ended with a major cliffhanger. The final shot teased the return of Rollo. However, where is he headed to is still unknown. It is speculated that Rollo might be returning to Kattegat and will extend support to Bjorn and Lagertha.

Showrunner Michael Hirst told Entertainment Tonight that Rollo’s return will tie some loose ends.

“He’s come back to deal with things which were never dealt with in the past,” Hirst said. “And we’re going back to season one here, where there were huge questions about his relationship, and Ragnar’s relationship with Lagertha, and what had actually happened between them all — and frankly, whose son Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) was. So Rollo is sailing back to deal with things that have been on his mind for a long time, and it’s pretty powerful stuff, I must say.”

While not much is known about the future episodes of Vikings Season 5, showrunner Hirst revealed what to expect. In an interview with Variety, He stated that the remaining of season 5 is a lot about “Ivar in ascendant.”

Meanwhile, the other heroes will be heading to Wessex for safety and shelter. “With Ivar having defeated his brothers and gained Kattegat, some of the heroes end up in Wessex seeking safety from Ivar. This season is very much Ivar in ascendant,” Hirst explained.

Vikings Season 5 midseason finale saw several deaths including that of Lagertha’s former lover Astrid, Halfdan and Torvi’s son Guthrum. In Iceland, Floki sacrificed himself. When the show returns it will see the aftermath of the human losses.

The network is yet to reveal the official return date. It is speculated that the show will resume its run in the fall season this year, like its previous midseason premiere. Stay tuned to Pursue News, more updates and information are expected soon.

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