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Vikings Season 6: Bloody & Worn Out Photo Of Lagertha Confirms Return Of Character

Still of Lagertha from Vikings Season 5/ History TV

Vikings Season 6: Bloody & Worn Out Photo Of Lagertha Confirms Return Of Character

We may not have seen last of Lagertha, yet. Actress Katheryn Winnick confirmed that Lagertha will be back in History Channel’s Vikings Season 6.

Vikings Season 5 wrapped up its finale with major cliffhangers. The fan-favorite character Queen of Kattegat is captured by Ivar the Boneless at the end of the war. The final few moments left fans wondering whether she will make it through to the next season or not. While her fate remains uncertain it looked like that Lagertha wouldn’t be returning in Season 6.

Today, Winnick shared a photo of her character with the caption that confirmed Lagertha is not dead yet. The photo shows war-ravaged Lagertha and it is captioned “the first glimpse of Lagertha in season 6.” Scroll down to view the post.

In addition, Lagertha fans were panicked when news about Katheryn Winnick making her directorial debut spread. Recently, it was revealed that Winnick will take up the new role on the show, as the director. Fans thought that might mean the end of the character’s story on the series.

According to Business Standard, she will be directing one episode of the series and she is reportedly very excited about it. The actress who is known for her iconic character in the series has been preparing for her directorial debut for a while.

I’ve been preparing for about a year,” Winnick told the abovementioned publication. “Being on set every day, I am learning from and working with the crew, the incredible talent, and with various heads of departments. Having been on the show as an actor for so long, I have had a chance to observe all on a more intimate level and that has helped prepare me for directing,”

Meanwhile, Winnick revealed that she has been shadowing Canadian director Helen Shaver and learning how things work behind the camera.

Vikings is currently on hiatus and will return to television for it’s the remaining Season 5 episodes later this year. The promo of episode 11 teased Lagertha’s death in the hands of Ivar but it looks like that event would be stopped, perhaps by Rollo? Be sure to visit Pursue News for more updates.

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