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‘Vin Diesel when Black Adam flopped..’ – Fast X fans react to Dwayne Johnson’s appearance in 10th installment, details on The Rock’s cameo

‘Vin Diesel when Black Adam flopped..’ – Fast X fans react to Dwayne Johnson’s appearance in 10th installment, details on The Rock’s cameo

Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson‘s surprising cameo in Fast X has cinephiles discussing if this is the consequence of 2022’s DC Film – which rode on the hyped appearance of Henry Cavill‘s Superman. The internet is convinced the failure of Black Adam to become a franchise of its own under DCU has resulted in The Rock’s return to the Fast & Furious franchise.

The Friday (May 12) world premiere of Fast X in Rome has critics offering offer their early take on the 10th installment from the Fast & Furious franchise. While social media reactions usually avoid sharing spoilery details – The Wrap’s exclusive report broke the news of Dwayne Johnson appearing in the post-credits.

The unexpected appearance by The Rock caught many by surprise due to his public feud with Vin Diesel. It all began with Dwayne Johnson agreeing to be the star of F&F spin-off Hobbs & Shaw which reportedly made the ensemble cast unhappy since it led to the delay of Fast and Furious 9.

fans believe Black Adam caused The Rock’s cameo in Fast X

It eventually had Tyrese Gibson taking public shots at The Rock though at some point in 2020 amid the pandemic, the beef was apparently put to rest. However, talk around the town in Hollywood indicated Johnson and Vin Diesel never say eye-to-eye. It was soon confirmed when The Rock rejected the offer to appear in Fast X. Later on, Vin Diesel also made an Instagram post calling Johnson his “little brother” and referencing Paul Walker as “Pablo” – insisting he returns though Dwayne responded by saying it was “an example of manipulation”.

Fast forward to the present, one of the Fast & Furious 10 post-credits scenes shows The Rock’s Luke Hobbs, a clear example of never say never in Hollywood. Unfortunately for the 51-year-old actor, the internet feels this is the direct result of the Black Adam bombing at the box office.

While the actor argued the DC Film was a box office success – it still failed to launch into its own universe which would have seen Teth-Adam face off against Superman. Moreover, there were also pitches for the Justice League and Suicide Squad to take on the liberator of Kahndaq. However, after James Gunn was appointed as the head of DC Studios – all previous plans from Seven Bucks Production were scrapped.

Some critics like BSL are suggesting Luke Hobbs’s appearance could indicate his potential involvement in future installments. Though it is unclear if it includes reprising the character for Part 2 and the next of the 3-part finale.

Originally, Johnson also intended to further explore the Hobbs universe so it remains to be seen if those plans could be revived. It’s unlikely for Teth-Adam to return to Gunn’s DCU anytime soon – some even suggest the anti-hero could appear in Chapter 2 which is years away.

Fast X will arrive in theaters on May 19.




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