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Vision GT Sports Car Was Expanded For Ben Affleck In ‘Justice League’

Screencap from Justice League Trailer 1

Vision GT Sports Car Was Expanded For Ben Affleck In ‘Justice League’

Mercedes-Benz recently released a making of Justice League video featuring two super sports cars, AMG Vision Gran Turismo and the E-Class Cabriolet which were used for scenes in the film. The footage also reveals brief new sequences from the film, parts of it were shown in the earlier trailer as well.

Initially, the video shows a scene that features Gal Gadot’s Diana driving the brand new E-Class Cabriolet. Alex King, Picture Vehicle Coordinator for Justice League also states that the vehicle was specially built for the film.

The behind-the-scene also shows Director Zack Snyder on the closed set in London, filming the scene with Gal Gadot and the sports car. Fans can also hear the director hilariously shout out, “It’s the only one so Gal be careful.”

Next up, the video reveals Bruce Wayne’s Vision GT. But it isn’t exactly the same as the model fans would be aware of from the video game.

The interior of the car has been aesthetically designed to portray a gadget-y car that the billionaire is known for. But that’s not all, the sports car size was also lengthened for the film.

Producer Charles Roven says in the video that the sports car was expanded by 10% as Ben Affleck whose 6 foot 4 inches couldn’t fit inside the vehicle.  The original concept designers were brought in the design the car which was specifically used for Bruce Wayne scenes.

The BTS footage confirms that the Vision GT was used to film the scene where Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne recruits Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen. It also shows brief new scenes and moments that were already shown in earlier trailers.

Besides the Vision GT and E-Class Cabriolet, Fans will also be able to spot quite a few Mercedes cars in Justice League. The company has also provided background car which might likely appear during action sequences involving explosions and crashes.

Source: Mercedes-Benz




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