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The Walking Dead: Here’s Why Season 8 Will Be Fan’s Favorite, Details

The Walking Dead Season 8 Poster/AMC Press

The Walking Dead: Here’s Why Season 8 Will Be Fan’s Favorite, Details

This October, AMC’s The Walking Dead returns with season 8 and will be airing its 100th episode on the day of its premiere. Fortunately, unlike season 7, things won’t be all downhill for Rick and his group as they go up against Negan.

EW’s recent issue was all about The Walking Dead season 8. A feature from the magazine contains conversations with cast members and showrunners as they discuss their experience filming season 8 and drop hints on what to expect from the show. Going by their comments, it will certainly be a fan-favorite season.

More of Rick And Daryl Bromance

Fortunately, the tides have turned in season 8 and Norman Reedus seems to have enjoyed the most filming the season along with his other co-cast members. Here’s what he had to say.

“It is super fun this season,” said Reedus. “I’ve enjoyed being on set more and working with all my friends.” Furthermore, the actor also promises fans with more bromance with Rick. “More episodes than we bargained for.”

Brace Yourself For The First Four Episodes

Going by the events of season 7’s finale episode, fans can rest assured that the upcoming season 8 will contain the much-awaited action sequence during the All Out War. “It’s a f—ing in-your-face, action-packed IV of adrenaline,” says Austin Amelio (plays as Dwight).

Danai Gurira (Michonne) also teases fans that the first four episodes are “like nothing before.” It looks like we may get to see Rick, King Ezekiel take the war to Negan right from the beginning of the season.

Actor Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel) also revealed that season 8 has more explosion scenes and it is not limited to any particular episode. “I think there are, like 10 explosions an episode,” Said Gilliam. “Every time you turn around, somebody’s shooting something or blowing something up. There’s some serious action that I don’t think we’ve seen television since The A-Team went off the air.”

Big Deaths

While fans may expect quite a few major characters death in season 8, that won’t entirely true. In The Walking Dead comics, The All Out War doesn’t take away a lot of our favorite characters. But, “There are some big deaths this season, but I think they’ll possibly catch people by surprise,” said Producer Gimple.

Negan Backstory?

Now that things are expected to go all uphill for Rick and his people, it, in turn, confirms that the end of Negan’s reign is near. But it looks like fans will hear about the character’s backstory to shed a few tears for the past Negan.

“We’re going to start seeing silvers of who this guy is beyond the brutality that we saw in season 7,” said Morgan (Negan). The most fascinating stuff that I’ve gotten to do this year is seeing behind the leather jacket a little bit.” But in any case, it likes it won’t change the character’s current motive. “He’s still going to be a big f—ing dick,” said the actor.

Maggie’s Baby?

Fans have been eagerly waiting to know if Maggie would give birth to Glenn’s baby in season 8. but in an earlier report, it was confirmed that it is quite early to expect. While that may disappoint some fans, Lauren Cohan has pointed some details which suggest that fans would look forward to her character taking charge and showing her support beside Rick in season 8.

The Walking Dead season 8 will premiere on October 22nd on AMC. Readers can check out this week’s promo below.

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