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Rumors of Walt Disney Corporation Acquiring 21st Century Fox Entertainment Wings Resurfaces

Still of Fantastic Four from 20th Century Fox

Rumors of Walt Disney Corporation Acquiring 21st Century Fox Entertainment Wings Resurfaces

Walt Disney Corporation is once again in talks on a deal with 21st Century Fox for acquiring the entertainment division of Fox.

Disney and Fox have once again resumed their talks on striking a deal which would give Disney the right over the entertainment wing of 21st Century Fox. Early this month, reports of of the Conglomerate taking over the movie properties ad right of Fox had surfaced. Soon, a second report came along that said that the deal between the two is dead. The Disney and Fox deal discussions have now heated up all over again.

Fox reportedly wants to focus on other areas outside of TV and films, and have so decided to give away their entertainment division. Their decision has brought in many potential buyers, the latest being Sony, as per Screenrant. However, their decision came in at the same time when Disney reported plans of striking a deal with another company.

In Deadline‘s irregular column ‘Bart & Fleming,’ both Mike Fleming Jr. and Peter Bart discussed the possibility of the collaboration with Disney taking over Fox’s entertainment wing. Talking about the rumor, reporter Fleming wrote, “The version I heard has the Murdoch clan keeping possession of sports and news properties, and the rest of TV and the film studio going to Disney.” Further, discussing the silence that both parties are maintaining at the moment, Mike Fleming added, “Radio silence right now from both studios, and given how Disney made the Marvel and Lucasfilm deals under the cone of silence, if this happens we’ll probably only know it when it’s announced.”

Marvel fans have in the past requested and hoped MCU could re-acquire the rights to all their characters. Fleming also mentioned in his column that people, in general, are not too excited to hear this news of “reducing a major studio to content generators under the Disney silo system.”

The collaboration will be good news for Marvel Studios who will then have access to X-Men, and Fantastic Four, among others. Furthermore, the conglomerate company would also own the intellectual properties of The Simpsons, Alien, Predator, and James Cameron’s upcoming Avatar sequels from Fox.

The deal will definitely benefit Marvel Studios. Even though they might continue to face a few restrictions, the MCU will have several new characters in the post-Thanos world. its still uknown how these plans would affect Fox’s upcoming line-ups in the CBM genre.

Source: Deadline




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