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Warner Bros Could Be Setting Up Suicide Squad Universe In DCEU

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Warner Bros Could Be Setting Up Suicide Squad Universe In DCEU

Big-budget Hollywood movies based on comic book storylines have been very popular among audiences be it Iron Man, The Dark Knight,  Thor: Ragnarok or even Suicide Squad. Going by latest reports it seems Warner Bros. is planning something very big. The film studio has plans to expand the DCEU by producing a film universe solely dedicated to the Suicide Squad characters or so to say DC supervillains who last came together in the 2016 released film.

According to a report coming from Heroic Hollywood, Warner Bros. is developing a couple of standalone super villain films as part of a new film universe outside of the DCEU.

Notably, the news has just been confirmed that Jared Leto’s Joker is getting a standalone film. Leto will not only reprise his role in the film but, he will also executive produce the stand-alone project set in the Suicide Squad universe. The project is currently in the early stages of development.

Jeff Sneider took to Twitter to reveal that Jared Leto’s solo Joker film is part of the film studio’s efforts to make a universe of Suicide Squad-focused films within the larger DCEU. He commented on the WB’s use of the word universe.

A source did use the dreaded “U” word, gulp,” Sneider’s Twitter post read.

While the studio has remained silent about which DC villains are getting their solo projects, new information on their website has likely confirmed that a couple of new projects focusing on both heroes and villains are in the pipeline.

Walter Hamada’s biography on Warner Bros. official website has been changed to reflect that in his role “he oversees WBP’s slate of films based on Super Heroes and Super Villains from DC.”

The newly-added biography of the President of DC-Based Film Production at Warner Bros. thus confirms that reports of DC supervillain based movies are absolutely true. There are also rumors that claim that a spin-off featuring the Joker and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn’s criminal love story is also in the making.

Are you excited about the new DC supervillain film universe? Let us know in comments below.

Source: Jeff Sneider




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