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Watch Gal Gadot Sizzle In Red Cutout Dress At Wonder Woman L.A Premiere

Watch Gal Gadot Sizzle In Red Cutout Dress At Wonder Woman L.A Premiere

Earlier, Gal Gadot and the rest of the main cast from Wonder Woman were present at the film’s premiere at L.A. Fortunately, the event wasn’t just for the fans in Los Angeles as iHeartRadio live streamed for an hour from the red carpet.

Host Tiffany Smith from DC All Access and Tanya Rad from iHeartRadio were present at the premiere and were part of the live stream. Both hosts had an interaction with several of the stars that attended the event including Lynda Carter.

The showstopper moment arrived when Gal Gadot decided to approach her fans and sign some autographs. The actress made a stunning appearance wearing a red cutout dress. Fans can watch her sizzle in the shining clothing and have a chat with host Smith at 27:40 in the video below.

Chris Pine was next in line to attend his fans for some photographs and autographs. The actor also spoke with Rad and Smith and shared his excitement being at the premiere.

Gal Gadot has made several appearances in the past weeks as part of the movie’s promotion. Recently, the actress was also on CONAN on TBS for a funny workout session. Fans can check it out below.

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2nd. Earlier, the studio organized fan screening of the film in the United States, India and other countries. By far, the DC film has only received mass appreciation from fans and critics. Fans can read detailed reviews on the movie on Monday after its embargo lift.

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