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Watch Hans Zimmer Perform Man of Steel And Wonder Woman Track On US Tour

Watch Hans Zimmer Perform Man of Steel And Wonder Woman Track On US Tour

Hans Zimmer left an astounding mark in the DCEU by composing the soundtrack for Man of Steel and Wonder Woman. Since his departure, Junkie XL has completely taken over his place and it has definitely been hard for the composer to fill Zimmer’s shoe.

Last Night in the Microsoft theater in Los Angeles, Hans Zimmer reminded all fans why his soundtrack must go on to be used in the upcoming DCEU projects. Going by the video clips shared by fans- it seemed like a night to be remembered.

According to COS, Zimmer performed over 34 songs from 17 of his scores. The composer’s famous “What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World?” and “Is She With You?” seemed to receive the most appreciation from the audience.

While performing “Is She With You?”, cellist Tina Guo took the center stage and left the audience awestruck with her movements. Zimmer also performed his tracks from The Dark Knight, Pirates of Caribbean, Lion King, Intersellar and Inception. Fans can check it out below.

A while ago, Zimmer also shared a few photos and clips from his performance at Coachella. Fans can check them out below and also follow his official twitter account for instant updates.

The “Is She With You?” track has continued to be used in the upcoming Wonder Woman promo teasers and trailers. However, it is unsure if the soundtrack has made it in the full-length movie as well.  Furthermore, fans are also excited to see what Junkie XL has in store in the upcoming Justice League.

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