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Watch The New Intro For DCEU From Wonder Woman In HD

Watch The New Intro For DCEU From Wonder Woman In HD

On the release of Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. revealed a new intro for the DCEU. The studio had created a short sixteen-second introductory footage to give the audience a tease of its vast fictional universe.

Fans were surprised by the introductory video as it was quite similar to the Justice League Unlimited opening theme. Furthermore, the footage also gave the masses a hint of the characters that could possibly soon debut on the big screen.

The new intro begins by revealing The Batman and goes on to give a brief moment to the rest of the six characters from the Justice League (Superman. Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash, Aquaman and Green Lantern). Readers can check out the video below.

In the last few seconds, the intro ends by revealing its entire line of fictional characters that exist in the DC Comics Universe. Moreover, the video has also used a version of ‘Is She With You’ soundtrack original composed by Hans Zimmer for Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The assembling of the superheroes in the end of the intro may look quite similar to the Justice League Unlimited. But unlike the animated series’ opening theme, it also includes the villains such as The Joker in the final reveal of its character.

Before concluding, the intro gives us a glimpse of the new DC Comics logo. Although the films inspired by the fictional universe are commonly known as DCEU, Warner Bros. has rarely ever made a reference to the term.

It looks like the intro is here to stay and would most likely go on to be used in upcoming DC films as well. Fans can still watch the new intro in theaters as Wonder Woman continues to earn millions on the big screens.

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