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‘Watching Barbie and Oppenheimer..’- fans discuss if Christopher Nolan’s Atomic bomb feature could compete against Greta Gerwig’s Mattel movie

‘Watching Barbie and Oppenheimer..’- fans discuss if Christopher Nolan’s Atomic bomb feature could compete against Greta Gerwig’s Mattel movie

The lines have been drawn, are you Team Oppenheimer or Team Barbie – that’s the running joke among cinephiles on social media as Christopher Nolan‘s feature on the invention of the Atomic Bomb releases on the same day as Greta Gerwig‘s movie on the Mattel doll. The debate appears to be if Warner Bros. or Universal Pictures would emerge victorious over the other on the opening weekend earnings at the box office.

While the Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie starrer feature has been testing well with audiences since the first promo -The second trailer for Barbie has amplified anticipation by unveiling a slew of star-studded cast members. From the likes of Sex Education stars like Emma Mackey, and Connor Swindells to surprising additions like Will Ferrell – the promotional footage has received positive reactions similar to the Spider-Verse 2 trailer.

With Barbie releasing on July 21, the same day Nolan’s Oppenheimer arrives in theaters -excitement brews for both projects. However, some stans are choosing sides since learning about the surprising new cast members like John Cena, Dua Lipa and more confirmed to appear in the Mattel-based feature.

Similarly, Oppenheimer supporters have argued the 3-hour biopic features A-list talent such as Cillian Murphy in the titular role of J. Robert Oppenheimer, Robert Downey Jr. as Lewis Strauss and Matt Damon‘s Leslie Groves Jr. to name a few.

The marketing for the Mattel feature has been top-tier so far, especially the characters poster for the Barbie Land movie started a new trend with celebs like Karen Gillan recreating the promo material’s design but featuring Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3‘s Nebula. Moreover, fans have also shared their edition of Barbie-inspired posters for Oppenheimer’s cast too. Readers can check it out below.

Universal Pictures is yet to roll out its promos for the Christopher Nolan movie. Nonetheless, anticipation for the IMAX shot epic thriller has been growing through word of mouth from Nolan stans. Furthermore, the studio’s live teaser countdown was also praised as a game-changer marketing so perhaps Nolan’s feature may have a good promo game in store as well.

July will be a tough month for both studios as Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning releases a week prior on July 14. Moreover, all three titles will be competing for the IMAX screens too. It remains to be seen which title would emerge as a blockbuster or rather would dominate the box office over the other.




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