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WBD face severe backlash for cancelling James Gunn-produced project Coyote Vs. Acme that cost $72 million to make: ‘Wonder how he feels’

WBD face severe backlash for cancelling James Gunn-produced project Coyote Vs. Acme that cost $72 million to make: ‘Wonder how he feels’

If a project co-written by DC Studios CEO James Gunn is unsafe from cancellation then what could be the fate of other completed features under Warner Bros. Pictures? That is the sentiment from critics & cinephiles since learning of the shelving of the animated movie Coyote Vs. Acme featuring John Cena.

Coyote Vs. Acme’s shelving feels all too similar to Batgirl‘s axing at Warner Bros. Pictures – for starters, the animated project cost $72 million. While Hollywood creatives have been occupied in rejoicing over the Actors Strike conclusion – Warners’ latest move has reminded everyone of the risks filmmakers face due to studio execs’ inability to profit from a project they greenlit. A statement from WB’s spokesperson indicates the cancellation could be related to the earlier regime’s idea to produce Coyote Vs. Acme as a direct-to-HBO Max project instead of the big screens.

“With the re-launch of Warner Bros. Pictures Animation in June, the studio has shifted its global strategy to focus on theatrical releases,” notes WB Motion Pictures group’s statement (via: THR). Coyote Vs. Acme was a live-action based on humorist Ian Frazier’s 1990 article published in The New Yorker.

While the animated film was directed by David Green, DCU chief James Gunn helped develop the story and is also attached as a producer. The reactions on X clearly indicate WB’s goodwill among critics, filmmakers and moviegoers has taken a major hit. Readers can check out reactions below.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off director (which has Chris Evans & the original squad returning to voice) BenDavid Grabinski, who appears to have seen an early version of the movie – sounded off on social media stating, “Coyote V Acme is a green movie” while further criticizing the studio for shelving a commercial project for tax purposes.

Several critics have asked if James Gunn’s DC Films could also face the same uncertainty considering the DCU head-produced animated project has faced the axe. But on the bright side, THR’s report says the studio informed the filmmakers of the decision and plans to stay in business with director Green.

Meanwhile, WB may have restored some of the damage caused by the previous regime. In this instance, it is related to Christopher Nolan‘s exit from the studio following controversy surrounding their decision to release 2021 films simultaneously on streaming and in theaters. Surprisingly, the Oppenheimer director is on board to work with the studio

“Oh yeah, absolutely,” he says. “Pam and Mike and Zaslav, they’re trying to do some great things with that studio, which is encouraging to see.” It looks like WB chairpersons’ strategy to offer the Tenet filmmaker a bonus has paid off. However, it remains to be seen if the studio execs have any more offerings for the filmmakers of Coyote Vs. Acme

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