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‘We getting a Darkseid show?’ -DCEU fans weigh in Zack Snyder’s cryptic April event video, stans say its for SnyderCon

‘We getting a Darkseid show?’ -DCEU fans weigh in Zack Snyder’s cryptic April event video, stans say its for SnyderCon

Could there still be hope for Warner Bros. to do a full circle to complete Zack Snyder‘s DCEU vision picking up where it was left off with Lord Darkseid? That seems to be the hope among ZSJL fans since the director dropped a cryptic video teasing his followers to save the date for April 28-30, 2023.

While James Gunn‘s DCU fans are looking forward to April’s DC Studios presentation set for CinemaCon – DCEU stans have their eyes set on Zack Snyder’s mysterious announcement arriving at the same month’s end. Many of the director’s aficionados have indicated the promo featuring the DC villain is for Snydercon.

The Rebel Moon Helmer surprised Snyderverse fans by sharing a DCEU-related video that begins with a “Incoming transmission” similar to Zod’s “You are not alone” transmission from Man of Steel. Though the only difference, the message is from Lord Darkseid.

The video prompted many to speculate it could be a Lord Darkseid show set in DC Studios’ Elseworld or the continuation of Snyderverse. However, insiders like Grace Randolph speculate that the filmmaker and the studio are possibly mending their relationship to put behind the earlier regime’s mess-up.

The pundit has heard info suggesting “the studio is helping” in some manner to make SnyderCon an exciting event to help the director move on with his next chapter, Rebel Moon. Readers can check out reactions below.

The April event is also expected to feature a viewing experience of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Some experts going as far as suggesting ZSJL could get a theatrical release too. Nonetheless, eagle-eyed fans are looking for clues in the scrambled audio that plays in the video.

Snyder is currently busy making Rebel Moon for Netflix which will set out a new sci-fi franchise. Its also been speculated Snyder would put his DCEU vision to rest by addressing fan questions at the con to allow James Gunn’s DCU to forge ahead without the burden of Snyderverse.

This movement has turned into a campaign to see the Snyder storyline explored under Netflix’s belt. it’s an exciting time for the Warner Bros. DC Studios franchise as all focus remains on DC Films – past and present.




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