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The Watcher, Deadpool 3, Doctor Strange, What If...?

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What If…? series’ The Watcher rumored for Deadpool 3, Doctor Strange reportedly makes an appearance too but he’s not who you think

What If…? series’ The Watcher rumored for Deadpool 3, Doctor Strange reportedly makes an appearance too but he’s not who you think

Where there is a multiverse, expect Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and The Watcher from What If…?, and that statement apparently applies to Marvel Studios’ ambitious cameo-galore threequel, Deadpool 3. Although director Shawn Levy has stopped rolling the camera for the Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman starrer MCU film due to the Actors Strike – the production halt has only piqued fans’ curiosity as insiders share crumbs of interesting info, like its significance in setting up Secret Wars.

The amount of MCU characters rumored for Deadpool 3 indicates it may be just as big as the Infinity War saga. From Fox’s X-Men characters to Deadpool Corps variants like Lady Deadpool – the plethora of multiverse characters in the threequel has insiders pointing fingers at the next big culmination event, Avengers: Secret Wars.

The third installment is expected to tease the battleworld, a concept only known in the comics so far. Though in the live-action universe, the Loki series’ TVA & Deadpool 3 are rumored to help establish this storyline for Avengers 6. So what better way to tease the lead-up to Secret Wars than to introduce the observer of the multiverse?

Insider Greatphase shared a cryptic post on X with a GIF of The Watcher from the What If…? series mentioning the third Deadpool movie. While it is a vague post, the scooper further added to elaborate why the Shawn Levy-helmed MCU flick plays a pivotal role in leading up to Secret Wars.

According to the industry insider, the upcoming buddy cop time-traveling feature is tasked with the “job of laying out the battle of the multiverse and its player.” So that includes, TVA, Marvel characters from Earth-616 & 838, Council of Kangs and The Watcher and his Guardians of the Multiverse, he notes.

Fans of the What If…? series would remember the observer of the multiverse saving heroes from other timelines to form the Guardians of the Multiverse. It’s possible the threequel would inter-connect the animated universe to the live-action world. In fact, when asked if Doctor Strange will make an appearance, the social media scooper said, “Yes, but not the one you think”

Perhaps, it could be the Doctor Strange from the What If…? series though it is too soon to speculate. Nonetheless, it seems like one version of Stephen Strange would appear, likely as a cameo.

Secret Wars is scheduled for a 2027 release but the ongoing double strike in Hollywood could impact its premiere date. But Deadpool 3 will grace theaters on May 3, 2024.




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