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Who is Rama Kushna? DC’s Injustice animated film introduces Hindu goddess of karma

Who is Rama Kushna? DC’s Injustice animated film introduces Hindu goddess of karma

The much anticipated DC’s Injustice has been dealing with a mixed reaction of sorts from its fandom. But even with its share of missteps, the animated title offers a few shocks and surprises, including the introduction of a deity from the Hindu pantheon, Rama Kushna.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from DC’s Injustice

Injustice is currently available as of its release on October 19 and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment continues to promote the film with promos such as a new preview clip and official character stills. Although the movie has faced harsh criticism, ever since its leak, a few moments from the film have stood out.

One such is the main takeaway moment during the middle act of the movie when DC’s finest are up against the worst inmates of Arkham Asylum. The intense fight sequence sadly ends with the demise of Nightwing aka Dick Grayson after Robin throws one of his escrima sticks at Nightwing, killing him instantly. Or we thought so. Instead, his soul travels to the realm of Gods where the Goddess of Karma presides, Rama Kushna.

For those unaware, Rama Kushna is a powerful deity in the DC Universe and presides as a guardian spirit of Nanda Parbat. In comics, Rama has time and again tipped the scales of a fight with her powers over Karma. Though, the goddess’ interference can be argued as essential for the world’s balance.

Rama Kushna, the goddess of Nanda Parbat, a mystical city brimming with spiritual power plays a pivotal role in DC’s Deadman arc. In fact, she is also responsible for turning him into Deadman (known before as Boston Brand). The diety made a brief first appearance in Justice League Dark animated movie.

Injustice, Rama Kushna

DC’s Rama Kushan from Injustice comics

Unlike Marvel Studios, which has been huge in providing representation for other cultures, DC’s cinematic universe has fallen short. But DC Films could follow in their footsteps with their own style of representation, case in point, introducing a goddess with an obvious Hindu influence.

Earlier in June, it was reported by That Hashtag Show of a Deadman movie in development at Warner Bros. If true, it will be interesting to see if the film could introduce the goddess of Karma.

DC’s Injustice is currently available on Blu-ray.




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