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Wonder Woman 2 To Take Place In 1980s, Diana Will Fight The Soviets

Wonder Woman 2 To Take Place In 1980s, Diana Will Fight The Soviets

Since the success of DCEU’s Wonder Woman, fans have been expecting Warner Bros. to green light a sequel and hopefully hand over the torch once again to Director Patty Jenkins. Surprisingly, their wishes came true when reports from Variety confirmed that Jenkins and President Geoff Johns are both working on the second installment.

Recently, the DCEU fans were struck with more surprising details about the sequel.  It was reported by Screen Rant that Wonder Woman 2 would take place in the 1980s-revisiting a historical timeline similar to the original film.

According to their report, Diana will go up against the Soviet Union during the period of Cold War. Initially, many fans were skeptical of the story. However, we now have a second confirmation thanks to The Wrap who has also confirmed the sequel news.

The story has also started a whole new conversation on whether WB would decide to bring back Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor. While this may seem unlikely due to the events that took place in the original film, it is still too early to not consider it as a possibility.

Going by the news, it looks like Wonder Woman will once again fight her battle alone in a timeline where none of the Justice League members exist yet. However, it will be exciting to see how the Amazonians at Themyscira would play a role in the sequel.

As the sequel will once again take place in a historical timeline, it would indeed be a challenge for Jenkins and Johns in choosing the right supervillain for the film. Hopefully, we’ll get to know more as the story develops.

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