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Wonder Woman 3: DCU fans react to Patty Jenkins’ email to Warner Bros. CEO with Wikipedia article on “character arc” & director refusing to rewrite the script

Wonder Woman 3: DCU fans react to Patty Jenkins’ email to Warner Bros. CEO with Wikipedia article on “character arc” & director refusing to rewrite the script

Wonder Woman 3 may not be the victim of DC Studios’ overhaul of DCEU but rather Patty Jenkins‘s refusal to take the Gal Gadot-led franchise in a new direction, according to the latest reports. Moreover, details from insiders regarding the formal exchanges between the director and Warner Bros. co-chairperson Michael De Luca have gone viral on social media after claims that the filmmaker sent an e-mail linking a Wikipedia article on “character arc” to stress the importance of her story while also informing the executive that their decision was “wrong”.

 Big changes are due for the DCEU as the chiefs in charge of the multimedia division are currently contemplating their strategic plans for the next phase of DC Films, TV Shows, animation projects and gaming. But Wonder Woman 3 was one of the few projects that were safe from cancellation, similar to Matt ReevesThe Batman universe and Todd PhilipsJoker 2. However, it was Jenkins’ treatment for the third installment that failed to get approval.

New information has arrived adding more to this week’s bombshell report on Warner Bros. Discovery canceling Wonder Woman 3. According to The Wrap, Patty Jenkins decided to exit after denying to submit another treatment or better put, to rewrite the script and take the franchise in a new direction. De Luca and Pamela Abdy were the first to inform the director and requested another pitch. 

Wonder Woman 3 had the same issues as Wonder Woman 1984

It should be noted that DC Studios CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran were not involved in the decision but were in agreement with De Luca and Pam Abdy’s decision. Deadline‘s story revealed more insight, such as the Wonder Woman 3 script having the same “structural problems” that Wonder Woman 1984 had. 

Jenkins responded to the Warner Bros. films co-chairpersons by saying, “that they were wrong, that they didn’t understand her, didn’t understand the character, didn’t understand character arcs and didn’t understand what Jenkins was trying to do.” The helmer went as far as sending an email with a Wikipedia link to “character arc” to stress her point.

DCEU fans have had a lot to say about the ongoing story development on Wonder Woman 3. Many believe the studio dodged a bullet by shelving Patty Jenkins’ script. Although Gunn had no say, the internet seems convinced that The Suicide Squad director denied greenlighting the treatment. Readers can check out reactions below. 

Unlike the first Wonder Woman film, the sequel WW84 failed to garner the same praise from critics and fans alike. The sequel received a rotten score on RT and its global box office run ended with a lukewarm earning of $169 million while it cost WB over $200 million to produce. So concerns from execs of the third film possibly falling in the same line as the second installment are valid, especially under a regime that’s prioritizing its financial expenses.  

It’s unclear if Gal Gadot would proceed without the franchise director but her latest post on Wonder Woman suggests she could be open to the next chapter from the DC Studios’ chief.  Wonder Woman 3 is currently TBA. Meanwhile, Gunn has reassured his commitment to the DCU to tell a “cohesive story” but that means saying goodbye to some of the problematic elements of the franchise.




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