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Wonder Woman: Behind-The-Scenes Photo, Final Trailer Reveal Details

Wonder Woman: Behind-The-Scenes Photo, Final Trailer Reveal Details

Wonder Woman has lately appeared on a lot of magazine covers as Warner Bros. upped its marketing for its release next month. Since then, we have come across various posters. Behind-the-scenes photos and TV spot clips of the female superhero from the film.

Recently, Glamour Magazine also did a piece on Wonder Woman. Inside the story, we came across a new behind-the-scenes photo from the film featuring Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins.

The photo was captured by DCEU’s long time photographer Clay Enos. It is the island scene featuring Gadot as Diana Prince is in her Amazonian costume. Director Jenkins can be spotted next her prepping her for the filming of the next scene. Fans can check out the photo and read the entire story below.

In more WW news, Earlier, Gadot teased new that fans get a “wonder-ful surprise” while she is at the MTV Awards. It has now been revealed by Trailer Track that the final trailer for Wonder Woman will be released during the MTV Movie and TV Awards tonight.

Fans on the internet will also get to see the final trailer as it is screened at the Award ceremony. The official youtube channel of Warner Bros. has already added video in the Wonder Woman trailer playlist but it is currently in private. It is likely that video is the final trailer.

Wonder Woman releases on June 2nd next month. Ares, God of War will be the main villain in the film. The actor that is playing the antagonist role hasn’t been revealed yet.

Wonder Woman Article from Glamour.

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