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Wonder Woman: Behind-The-Scenes Photo of Amazonian Warriors

Wonder Woman: Behind-The-Scenes Photo of Amazonian Warriors

Lately, Wonder Woman has been receiving a lot of support from fans as well as other big execs from Warner Bros. and DC. Geoff Johns, Director Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot have all been hyping their followers on twitter over the film’s release on June 2nd. Recently, we spotted the supporting cast from the film do their part in promoting the movie and sharing their experience.

Brooke Ence, a cross fit trainer who played as one of the warriors on Themyscira shared a photo from the film. The actress is wearing her Amazonian attire and is posing along with Hari James who also plays a warrior role in the movie.  The background clearly indicates that the two snapped the photo during the filming on the fictional Island known as Themyscira.

In more WW news, A recent clip shared by Wonder Woman official Facebook page revealed a tiny new scene. The video shows Diana deflecting a bullet with her bracelet. The deflected bullet goes back to the pistol-shattering it into pieces. Fans can check it out below.

The advance screening for Wonder Woman is currently underway in China. An earlier screening was already conducted for journalists this month. however, the media is currently on an embargo- fans won’t get to know if the film was success anytime soon. According to IGN Entertainment Editor Terri Schwartz, “Embargo for reviews is May 31st.”

By far, early buzzes from journalists have been positive. Furthermore, an early tracking has also suggested that the film could dominate movies like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange. Wonder Woman releases on June 2nd.

What did you think of the new behind-the-scenes photo and clip? Let me know in the comments below. For more updates on Wonder Woman and other DCEU stories,  follow Pursue News on Facebook and Twitter. Readers can also follow me on my social media accounts for the latest scoops.




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