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Wonder Woman Dominates Man Of Steel At Domestic Box Office

Wonder Woman Dominates Man Of Steel At Domestic Box Office

Wonder Woman continues to have a successful run at the box office worldwide. Currently, the film has earned over $652 million dollars throughout the globe and could possibly rake in more than Warner Bros. expectations.

Wonder Woman has already managed to break a milestone as the highest grossing live-action film directed by a woman. But recently, the DC film also broke another record set by an earlier DCEU movie.

Wonder Woman has dominated Man of Steel in domestic box office. The female-centric superhero film broke the record with a current estimation of $318 million while Henry Cavill’s standalone Superman movie ended with $291 million (via: Box Office Mojo).

It also looks like Wonder Woman would soon go past Man of Steel’s earning in box office worldwide as well. The DC film could soon take over with just a $11 million dollars gap to step over Cavill’s Superman debut movie.

It’s unlikely for Wonder Woman to dominate the worldwide earning of Suicide Squad ($745 million) and Batman v Superman ($873 million). However, the female-centric superhero movie has already managed to break several records and has mostly received positive reviews from critics around the world.

Director Patty Jenkins has received utmost appreciation from fans as well as critics over her success. Furthermore, it seems to have also helped her in discussing a possible sequel. Currently, we hope to hear an announcement at SDCC 2017. However, as these are indeed early talks, fans may not get an update as well.

Wonder Woman is currently in theaters worldwide. Fans can also catch her in action in the upcoming Justice League releasing on November 17th.

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SOURCE: Box Office Mojo




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