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Wonder Woman Once Again Dominates Twitter Over Other Films, Says Data

Wonder Woman Once Again Dominates Twitter Over Other Films, Says Data

Wonder Woman has been glorifying receiving positive reviews from all over the world. The DC film has also been certified as fresh by Rotten Tomatoes as well. If that isn’t enough, the film’s positive buzz from fans all over the world has dominated Twitter as well.

It has been revealed that Wonder Woman has managed to surpass every summer blockbusters in being discussed the most on Twitter. Wonder Woman has clearly taken the lead and is currently the “buzzing the most” on Twitter.

An officially certified account called Twitter Data revealed the good news by sharing a social media graph. Spider-Man: Homecoming has managed to take the runner-up position but it looks like the MCU/Sony film won’t be able to grab the first spot.

This isn’t the first time Wonder Woman has managed to steal the spotlight. Earlier last year at SDCC, after the reveal of the debut trailer, the promo footage was the most discussed on Twitter over others superhero films, including DCEU’s Justice League trailer.

Fans must also note that MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 had held the first spot earlier while the movie trended (during its release). But since then, as it began to die down, the release of Wonder Woman has given the film the opportunity to dominate.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look good for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. The Disney movie couldn’t manage to stay at top even on its release.

Earlier today, Wonder Woman officially hit theaters and looks to break its early prediction records at box office. Fans will also get to see the female superhero in action later this year in Justice League.

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