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Wonder Woman: Final Trailer Reveals Breathtaking Action Sequences

Wonder Woman: Final Trailer Reveals Breathtaking Action Sequences

Warner Bros. earlier released its final Wonder Woman trailer at the MTV Awards. The news of its release was first hinted by Gal Gadot on Twitter and was later confirmed in our last report.

After the Official final trailer- “Rise of the Warrior” aired at the premiere, it was soon uploaded on Warner Bros. Pictures youtube channel.  Fans can watch it below.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman looks valiant in the battlefield. Initially, the footage gives us a closer look at her body armor and shield. The film has given attention to detail and the costume truly looks aesthetic.

We also get a hint of Wonder Woman’s brute physical power as she attempts to climb a building at 1:13. Furthermore, the footage reveals jaw-dropping fight sequences with soldiers and gives us a glimpse of her battle with Ares as well.

Overall, the new footage has received more appraisal than any other previous trailers. Furthermore, Going by the whispers on Twitter, fans are also supportive of the studio’s decision on not revealing Ares, the main villain in the promo clips.

While fans rejoiced over the final trailer- Gadot made a stunning appearance at the MTV Movie & TV Awards wearing a black lace skirt. The actress also spoke about the film at the ceremony and seemed delighted at the release of the final trailer. Fans can check out her photos from the show below.

Wonder Woman releases on June 2nd.  The actress has also played her superhero role in the upcoming Justice League releasing on November 17th this year.

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