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Wonder Woman Does Not Wear A Costume, But A Religious Garment!

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman/Photo captured by set photographer Clay Enos

Wonder Woman Does Not Wear A Costume, But A Religious Garment!

The dress of Wonder Woman is not a costume, but a religious garment. This was revealed by none other than Wonder Woman herself in this week’s Justice League #35 issue. In fact, her name too is not Diana Prince.

In this week’s Justice League #35 by writer Christopher Priest and artist Pete Woods, Diana Prince clarified about the dress she wears. In Justice League #34, certain events led to a nun being killed by a terrorist using the superhero’s sword.

In Justice League #35 issue, Diana’s most valuable possession is taken over by the police who then takes Diana into custody to interrogate.

New York City Police Department Officer Ryan starts off with saying “Your costume.” Diana cuts him saying “It’s a habit.” “Well, yes, I’d assume dressing like that becomes a habit,” said Ryan. “A habit, Mr. Ryan?. A religious garment. I do not wear ‘a costume,” responded Diana.

This is not all. In regards to her name, Wonder Woman says her name is not Diana Prince. “Diana of themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta” says the Amazonian warrior. Ryan doesn’t seem too happy and asked, “And that’s all you are going to give me”. Diana replied, “That’s all there is, Mr. Ryan.”

Meanwhile, for fans of Wonder Woman, the sequel Wonder Woman 2, directed by Patty Jenkins is already in full-blown pre-production. The prequel fetched 821.8 million USD worldwide while collecting approximately 412.6 million USD at the domestic box office. Needless to say, fans loved the idea of a strong woman fight the evil forces. Understanding the need, DCEU decided to go ahead with Wonder Woman 2.

According to an earlier report, Diana Prince will go up against the Soviet Union during the Cold War period in the 80s. Wonder Woman 2 is scheduled to hit the theaters on November 1, 2019.

Check out the Justice League #35 issue below:

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